Join Our Investors Group To Diversify Your Investment Portfolio With eCommerce Assets You Can Flip For A Quick Profit or Hold for Long-Term Cash Flow

The Shop Buildout investors group allows members of our private club to purchase our signature performance-enhanced ecommerce drop ship web properties at a discounted rate to flip immediately or hold as long-term investments.


Quick Flip Opportunity

Site flippers love Shop Buildout because our enhanced websites are valued at $4,995 from day one.  The investors we work with pay a wholesale rate for web properties; leaving plenty of room for a hefty profit.  We certify all of our websites and provide verifiable documentation flippers can furnish to potential buyers as proof of the sites value. You can flip the sites you acquire online or sell them to your other investor friends!

Long-Term Opportunity

$4,995 is what the site is valued at on day 1 of the site’s completion, but the enhancements implemented on the site are designed to drive traffic and conversions, which will ultimately determine it’s resell value over time; making Shop Buildout an ideal solution for long-term investors looking to invest additional capital into advertising and marketing in order to drive sales and increase the resell value of the site over time.

With this option, you will hold the asset and your team will takeover the marketing after Shop Buildout has completed the ecommerce website development.  With effective marketing, you can potentially grow your startup into a thriving income-producing asset.

Passive Investment Opportunity

If you you don’t have a team of your own, you can retain our experienced marketing team to grow your business for you; essentially turning this into a passive investment opportunity; while giving your business it’s best chance at success.

This option is like becoming an angel investor in yourself because you are essentially investing capital in your own startup; using our professional marketing infrastructure to grow and scale the company to a long-term payoff.  

The best part is you own 100% of the business!

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Have access to quick flip web properties on demand
  • Acquire flip sites worth $4,995 for a fraction of their value
  • Receive cash flow from a business that you don't have to run yourself.
  • Boost buyer confidence and drive bids with verifiable proof of the sites value
  • Furnish documentation itemizing site enhancements to bidders
  • Have professionally written sales copy to communicate benefits to prospective buyers

If you had access to all of the above today, how long would it take you to complete a flip?

It is possible to acquire a brand new site, list it for sale online, and make a return on your investment in a manner of days; especially when you can prove it’s value.  

You CAN with Shop Buildout!

The Shop Buildout certification program serves as an authority; offering proof to potential buyers and stakeholders that the site has undergone valuable enhancements, valued at $4,995, under the Shop Buildout brand to improve its performance and profit potential.

What Makes Shop Buildout Stores So Valuable?

Before we can explain that, we must first make sure you understand Shopify – the ecommerce platform we specialize in.

With well-known brands and high profile celebrities like Kylie Kardashian, using Shopify to sell their products, it’s no wonder why they have become the standard for ecommerce platforms. 

Some of the least suspecting ecommerce stores sell millions of dollars in merchandise under the radar using Shopify.  

Shopify makes it easy to launch an ecommerce store, and the countless success stories often mislead people into thinking Shopify is all that is needed to be successful in ecommerce.

In reality, most new Shopify store owners are unexpectedly hit with the disappointment of an under-performing store.  That’s because most Shopify stores do not become successful right out-of-the-box…

Successful Shopify stores are enhanced with additional features and functionality; designed to improve site performance, which typically involve thousands of dollars in web development fees.

That’s why you’re going to love Shop Buildout.

We’ve perfected our site development process to be able to crank out performance-enhanced ecommerce stores within days; allowing members of our investors group to acquire quick flips on demand.

3-Part Build Process To Churn Out High-Performance Flip Sites Valued at $4,995 for our Investors Group Members!

Basic Setup. During this stage, we’ll pre-load a brand new store with up to 250 Aliexpress dropship products in a niche of your choosing, and run the store through our basic setup checklist; employing critical features that are considered industry standard to ensure site owners have a strong foundation to build-on for long-term performance, sustainability and improvement.  

Traffic Integrations. Shop Buildout’s traffic integrations help attract customers by connecting the store to Google Ads via a product feed that allows products to be displayed in Google searches.  This method converts better than other traffic sources by placing products in front of shoppers who are searching for what the site offers; directing them strait to an optimized product pages to close the sale.  Those who don’t buy will continue to see the products all over the Internet until they buy!  Automated email marketing helps recover abandoned carts, and manual campaigns can be sent to generate repeat business through email promotions.

Conversion Optimization. Our shop technicians will implement conversion boosters that utilize effective psychological triggers to prompt site visitors to take the desired actions; converting more of them to paying customers!

AS A SHOP BUILDOUT INVESTOR YOU'LL RECEIVE: is for sale! Dropship Shopify Store For Sale

Niche Dropship Stores

Two or more certified Shop Buildout ecommerce dropship stores, either a pre-built store or a custom store in a niche of your choosing, with enhancements designed to drive traffic, lead, and sales conversions; which are directly tied to the site’s resell value.

Shop Buildout Letter of certification is helpful for investors planning on flipping.

Letter of Certification

The Shop Buildout letter of certifications come in pdf format.  The document highlights the benefits of each site’s features, declares the value of the enhancements to be worth $4,995, and provides a means of verification via a link on

Shop Buildout Declaration-of-Certification to furnish to potential investors

Proof of Certification

A declaration on the official Shop Buildout website that serves to authenticate the letter of certificate and reiterates the value of the enhancements, which boosts credibility and drives bids and offers.

Shop Buldout Investors Group investment website sales material

Professional Sales Material

Professionally written sales material to drive interest and bids during the resell process by effectively communicating the site features and benefits to prospective buyers.


Easy Acquisition

Access to web properties on demand. No more hunting down deals and spending hours researching.

Attract More Bids

Boost buyer confidence and attract more bids with verifiable documentation declaring the value of your investment web property.

Quick ROI

No more wasting time with investments that take years to see a return on your investment. Flip now or within the 1st year.

Why Invest In eCommerce?

Not only has eCommerce created more billionaires than any other industry (yes, even real estate), but it is an upward trending industry, which makes it a good space to invest in.  Just look at some of the Google Trends charts for various keywords in the eCommerce industry.

Upward trending Google Trends charts indicate eCommerce is a good area to invest in

The Shop Buildout investors club allows you to cut out all the lead work involved with finding investment web properties; giving you on-demand access to wholesale eCommerce assets you can immediately turn around and sell to the highest bidder for a quick payoff.

With only a 2-week lead time per site, you can have your first investment site built and ready to flip in just a couple weeks.  

Shop Buildout Certification

We register all of our websites as a certified Shop Buildout site.  This certification can be presented to potential buyers to show the valuable enhancements that have been performed on the ecommerce store.

Your site will receive the certified Shop Buildout badge, which links to the site’s certification page on; allowing potential buyers to confirm authenticity of the certification and site value.  This verifiable certification helps boost buyer confidence, draw additional bids, and fetch a higher selling price. 

This certification itemizes the site features and upgrades and declares the value of the enhancements to be worth $4,995, which serves as a basis for the resell value.

How Valuation Is Determined

All of our brand new sites are valued at $4,995, which is the regular price of the Shop Buildout web development services, which include basic setup and enhancements for traffic and conversion.  

Due to limited capacity, we can only take on a few investors at a time to ensure we are able to meet damand, so take advantage of this opportunity now to acquire your first Shop Buildout ecommerce dropship investment store!

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Steady stream of biz coming from the website, I am so pleased."
"Professional, experienced, knowledgeable,beautiful website. Thank you!"
"I love the way my website looks. They delivered everything they promised. I highly recommend their services!"

How To Get Started

Step 1: Join The Investors Group

To get started, the first step is to join our private investors group, in order to be notified about investment opportunities, and qualify for VIP pricing.  Afterwards, you’ll be redirected to our strategy call request page, which is the second step.

Step 2: Request Your Strategy Call

The goal of this no-pressure call is to provide you with a strategic plan, help you fully understand your options, and have all your questions answered.  Complete the assessment below to tell us your goals and requirements, and a strategist will put together a plan on acquiring your first stores and how we plan to help you grow and scale them; if you intend to hold.  

If you’ve already signed up for our investors group, you can go ahead and complete the request form below to schedule your strategy call.

Terms & Conditions:  All investment web properties require a basic Shopify subscription ($29 per month).  Your Shopify account will be created within our Shopify developers account and transferred to the new owner upon completion of the work.  As a Shopify Partner, Shop Buildout is compensated by Shopify for referrals.  We source dropship products from Aliexpress; therefore, the feasability of your chosen niche is contingent on availability of products on  If Aliexpress does not offer the products you want, you will either need to pick another niche or source the products yourself. The Shop Buildout service is based on a pay-per-click advertising model.  Therefore, our traffic enhancements are contingent on paid advertising campaigns that we setup and integrate with your store with a minimum budget that we set (.10 cents per click and $5 per day). Google Ads restricts certain industries from participating in their paid advertising program.  You are responsible for determining if the niche you choose is permissible. Shop Buildout is not responsible if you’re products are not permissible in Google’s advertising program.  The Shop Buildout service includes up to 250 products added to your store.  Additional products will incur a fee of $2.50 per product.